Here you see some screenshots and explanations from the Dutch version of the Audiodownload Tool. You can click on the screenshots.

It's all about jobs

The Audiodownload Tool work with jobs. Each job download an audiobulletin and deliver in a folder for playing. Jobs will be executed by scheduling, by triggers or manual.


Each job get the audiofile by http, ftp or from a local/network path. You can also choose for third parties which are procude audiobulletins and supporting the download tool.


When the audiobulletin is downloaded, it will delivered in one or more folders. You can give the filename, which audioformat to use and more.

When to run

Here you can choose on which times the job must run.

For example, every hour just for a new hour, to get newest audiofiles with newsinformation for example.

There's also another options for execute the job. For example by XML with time or by third parties.

Is it ok?

The AudioDownload Tool have a lot of validation options.

For example, there's no traffic information so the audiofile is empty. An example of action is to remove the audiofiles from destionation folders. So the radioautmation doesn't play the file.

Make it ready with audio design

When the audiofile is downloaded, it can be made with audiodesign. For example jingles, background music.

There are a lot of options for audiodesign:
- set audio at the beginning of the audiofile
- set audio during the audiofile (as background)
- set audio at the end of the audiofile
- set a pingle between each newsitem (if possible)
- set a weather jingle (if possible)

So at the end: a job downloaded an audiofile, it make it ready with audiodesign and put it on destination folder(s) for broadcasting.

Monitor options

And when is goes wrong. You can be informed by email or SMS (additional costs).